Although Covid-19 safety rules are no longer in place, I am very well aware of potential risk, and would like to reassure you that I take this issue very seriously. Every person booking my courses will be automatically agreeing to these Covid-19 Rules, for the sake of ourselves and the whole group.

Although at the time of writing, Covid-19 safety rules have been relaxed, it is possible that the virus becomes more active and that further action becomes necessary. I believe the key here is careful planning, and fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual care. I would also respectfully ask that you take social distancing care in the few days before attending a course, to reduce risk as far as possible.

Risk Assessment

A 2-page Risk Assessment document is available here on my website; this gives the details on which these Rules are based. When you book your place on a course, you will be confirming that you agree to abide by these Rules.

Arrival and departure timings

The venue will be open 30 minutes before classes start, to allow for social distancing while students arrive. At the end of each session there will be 15 minutes extra to allow for clearing up.

Face-masks or visors

At the time of writing, It is unnecessary for people to wear a mask or visor throughout the course.


Maximum number of students = 10.


Hay Parish Hall is a very large light airy space, with excellent central heating; doors and windows may be open to allow plenty of ventilation, so you may need extra clothes to keep warm.There are kitchen and toilet facilities.

When courses are run at Hellens Manor, there are toilet facilities but no kitchen facilities available, so you are welcome to bring your own supplies of food, drink and snacks. The Tea Room may be open for tea and cakes after 12 noon.


You are requested to bring your own materials. If this is impossible please let Marianne know, because she may be able to provide or lend you the necessary equipment.

Booking and Cancellations

It is necessary to pay the full balance of your course in order to secure your booking. If you need to cancel your booking, please let Marianne know as soon as possible so that she can offer your place to someone else. She will try to give you a full refund if you cancel up to 48 hours before the course starts.

If the course has to be cancelled or postponed, Marianne will refund your deposit and any fee-balance you have already paid.

If you feel unwell just before the course, please do cancel.

For full details, see this Risk Assessment PDF document.