Marianne Ryan portraitMarianne Ryan is a popular and enthusiastic tutor with several years of teaching experience.

A passionate believer in the traditional skills of drawing and painting, she also likes to encourage students to ‘do their own thing’, whether they are beginners or old hands. Classes are lively and informative, with plenty of demonstration and lots of opportunity for you to experiment, learning or practising all sorts of ‘tricks of the trade’.

Marianne delights in passing on her extensive knowledge – from oil painting, and acrylics to charcoal and chalk, via inks, pastels, watercolour, felt tips, colour pencils, or mixed media. Having taught over 35 courses, she also has three Fine Art degrees as well as earlier informal art training.

Whether it’s portraits, still life, sketchbooks or imaginative drawing, landscape, life drawing, abstract art or illustration, Marianne will inspire you to think of yourself as an artist!

Marianne is a member of Creative Breaks, a not-for-profit association of skilled artists and craftspeople in and around Herefordshire.
Their aim is to promote regional courses to visitors and local people.